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what you gotta do to lose a pound.

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To follow please just do the following. [Fri Jan 2009 @ 3:26pm]


Diet Tester is a journal that will test the diets that are currently doing the rounds, it is not a place to tell you what to do, it is to see what gets results, what works best, which are easy and which are hard. From the Supermodels diets to weight-watchers all sorts of diets will be tried and tested. With journal entries, video entries, food updates and general feelings of the tester. All stats will also be listed.

Each diet test will last a week. To be added please see below.

Fill in the little form please.
If you have a private Journal and do not want people to see this, then as long as you leave a comment we will add you, even if you dont add us back. :]

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